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Sneak Peek at the MOD!

Posted by Heather Rogers on

Years ago, the debate about form versus function may have had its merits. Today, not so much. We want both. Here at Time Timer, it’s always been about the simple genius of the disappearing red disk and how it allows a child or anyone, for that matter, to actually “see” the passage of time. That will never change. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun with the form without sacrificing any of the function.

Over the past year or so, we’ve introduced the colored bands for the improved Time Timer Watch PLUS and judging by your response, they’re a big hit! We also did a limited edition run of those jazzy little 3” colored timers last spring. They went so fast that I didn’t even get one because I couldn’t decide between the blue and green before they were sold out!

What are the chances that I wasn’t the only one that couldn’t choose which color I liked best? And, what if I didn’t have to decide but could get both without actually buying two timers?

Meet the newest Time Timer—the Time Timer MOD! At slightly under 4”, the MOD is easier to see than the 3” timer but still small enough to fit on a crowded desk or travel in a professional organizer’s briefcase. Borrowing from the design of the award-winning Time Timer PLUS, the MOD comes with a sturdy silicon case, durable clear lens cover and handy center knob.

But what is going to make you fall in love with the MOD is the option to change the color of its case whenever you want! Optional, snap-on colored cases will be available in bright blue, green and berry. With the MOD, you will not only get the same powerful tool that you have come to expect from Time Timer, but you also have the ability to match its look to how you feel on any given day. Or match it to the décor of the room or office you’re using it in. Maybe you’ll want a green cover to use when timing an activity for your son and then snap on the blue or berry one for your daughter.

How you use the color option provided by the MOD is limited only by your imagination. And that is the point.

We can’t give you an exact date when the MOD will be on the shelves but it’s getting close. It’s always difficult to predict demand of a new item so make sure you watch for updates. You’re not going to want to wait for these any longer than you have to!

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