Time Timers for the Bathroom! 10 Ideas

Published November 22, 2011

Time Timers for the bathroom? Really? You bet. 

Last week, Time Timer fans shared some surprising stories at the OCALI Convention in Columbus, OH and the ASHA Conference in San Diego, California. They had originally purchased Time Timers for special needs therapy – and discovered funny uses for the bathroom too!

"Oh my gosh, My Time Timer is like my toothbrush. I HAVE to have it every day!"

            says Canadian author and speaker Jennifer Krumins. She isn't the only one!

Top Ten Fan Tips ~ Time Timers for the Bathroom: 

Time Timers for the Bathroom1. Girl Glamour Time:

I have three girls. One of them is ALWAYS in the bathroom! Hair. Makeup. Nails. Everything! So, we got a Time Timer with a blank face, and put each girls' photo on it, spaced every 20 minutes. In the morning, we set the Time TImer for 1 hour. The red disk elapses showing whose turn it is. No more arguing over the mirror. Thank my lucky stars I found this. 



2. TIme Zone Routines:

I travel for business. Sometimes I'll speak in two different time zones on the same day. When I'm in a hotel I'll set my Time Timer in teh bathroom and go through my morning coffee/shower routine. You'd be surprised how well a routine can wake you up, even when your body thinks it's 2 a.m. 

3. Pampering

When I'm relaxing in the tub and my loud phone alarm goes off, it scares the relaxation right out of me. Your Timer has just a soft little beep. It helps me quiet down for the night. 

4. Rewards

Our college sorority house has 23 women. 23! We trade chores for bathroom time. The more housework you do, the more minutes you get in front of the mirror every morning. The bigger my red Time Timer disk, the better!

5. Shorter Showers

I saw this tip on your Facebook. We have a 15-minute shower timer on our iPad. You're right, it really did lower the water bills!

6. 2-Minute Smile

My grandson got 4 cavities. OUCH. Now, he sets a 2-minute Time Timer on his iPod Touch to brush his teeth!

7. Comfort for an Inclusion Student

I have a special ed student in my class. Every day when he arrives, he comforts himself by spending a little quiet time in the bathroom before joining the class. I started setting his Time Timer in the bathroom. First, I gave him 10 minutes. Then, every few days, I'd give him one minute less, until he needed only a few minutes. He's made such great progress!

8. Double Time

Potty training my twins... it's all about taking your time!

Don't let your Time Timer get wet!

9. Quick Clean

I do a 4-minute wash & organize every night. Waking up to a sparkling clean bathroom is such a relief in the mornings. 

10. Boys Boys BOYS!

Any Mom of a 3-year-old son will tell you boys need baths ALL THE TIME! My boy knows he can't leave the tub until the red timer is gone. Now if I could just get him to DRY OFF before he goes running around the house! AAAHHH!

Try your Time Timer for the bathroom and tell us what you discover!

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