Save Money with a Time Timer

Published October 04, 2011

You use your Time Timer to save time every day – but can it save you money too?

Time Timer Fans say yes!

1.   5-Minute Bag Check:

Those little essentials we carry every day – pens, lipsticks, snacks, coins – have a way of disappearing, putting a big dent in your pocketbook.

Every few days, dump out your backpacks, purses and laptop cases. Spend 5 minutes collecting easy-to-lose items and re-organizing them in your bags.

You'll save money long-term and avoid office-supply impulse buys! 

Time Timers help you clean, organize and save money!2. 10-Minute Bedtime Power Down:

While you snuggle down for a good night's rest, your gadgets and widgets are still lit up with zest. Take ten minutes each night to unplug the toaster, the stereo, the TVs, the massage chair – anything that sucks huge vats of energy each night!

 * DO NOT unplug the coffee pot. If you're like me, you need it to be awake before you are! 

3. 15-Minute Showers:

Encourage the whole family to limit their showers to 15-minutes. It's great for your water bills and good for the environment too!

4. 20 Minutes for YOU (Yes, you!):

Too often, Time Timer Fans tell us "I don't have time to take care of myself." A Time Timer can help you TAKE that time.

Saving 20 minutes/day for your health can help you reduce future health costs and accomplish more each day.

Create all four of these Timers via Time Timer for iPad!

Time Timer for iPad helps you run up to four timers simultaneously!

5. 30-Minute Fashion Show:

Ready to spend some of the cash you've saved? Before you shop for new clothes, take stock of your closet.

  • What do your 5 favorite outfits have in common? 
  • What do you always buy but never wear? 
  • Do you already have 4 black shirts or 7 pencil skirts?
  • List the colors and styles you already own that make you feel your best.

Then hit the mall guilt-free – knowing you'll come home with fresh styles and no duplicates! 

Saving money and saving time go hand-in-hand. Use your Time Timer to help you save both!

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