The Time Timer Kid: Where Is She Now?

Published March 22, 2011

An interview with Loran Rogers Kerrigan.

As a child, Loran Rogers Kerrigan peppered her mother Jan Rogers with the now-famous question:  “How much longer?”  Because of her curiosity, Jan created a visual countdown tool to teach Loran the concept of time. Twenty years later, Loran now loves and uses all the new Time Timers and manages the Time Timer Facebook page. Recently, she shared her stories of growing up with an entrepreneur mom and bringing together Time Timer fans all over the world.

Grade Schooler at Science Fair

Do you remember your mom inventing the Time Timer?

Yes. I was very young, but I remember watching her try to figure out this concept with paper plates, cutting and coloring them. She would move the two pieces back and forth trying to help me understand…I remember her keeping her composure and being really nice, trying to help me understand the concept of time. I really did ask ‘how much longer’ a million times a day!

What's your favorite childhood memory of using it?

My favorite memory would be walking into my high school AP Statistics exam and seeing a Time Timer. I had no idea they were using one for the AP tests, so that was pretty cool!

Do you have any advice for parents who use one at home?

I now have a 3-year-old boy and 19-month-old girl. My boy relies on it daily. If he wakes up too early in the morning, I’ll set the Time Timer for an hour and he’ll know that when the red is gone he can get up. He loves that. At nap time, setting the Time Timer soothes him and takes the edge off.

Some people think it’s only used for time-outs…not true! My son also uses it to concentrate on his activities: coloring, TV, even playing outside. If he is sharing, we set the Time Timer and he gives up the toy very easily. If we have only a certain amount of time at the park, then I’ll set the Time Timer on my iTouch and he’ll know that when the red is gone we have to leave. He transitions so much better when I set it! My advice would be to start with the Time Timer now! It’s never too early!

Family Using Time Timer iPhone App

Which product do you like best (watches, iPhone app, 8"...)

My favorites are the 8” and the Time Timer app on my iTouch. I also use my Time Timer Watch just about every other day.

Would you share any great stories you’ve heard from Time Timer fans?

I love going to trade shows with my mom because I often hear about wonderful, life-changing experiences for individuals using the Time Timer.

When I worked at Presidio YMCA, a little boy with cerebral palsy and autism befriended me. He was just the cutest boy ever. I brought him a 3” Time Timer and we were able to communicate so much better by incorporating it into his activities. His Mom loved the Timer – and more than that, she loved that I cared so much to introduce this device to them. That was a pretty neat personal story.

I have now heard two cases of Time Timers changing families’ eating habits! All the parents have to do is set the Time Timer and the child will eat dinner within the 30 minute time frame, which used to be an on-going battle for the child.

I have a professional story too. Time Timer sponsored Peak 7 Adventures’ Bocce Ball Fundraising Tournament and we used a 12” Time Timer to help players stay on track for their 15-minute double elimination games.

You created Time Timer's Facebook page. How's that going? What can fans expect to see on the page this year?

Facebook is such a great tool for us because Time Timer fans really are a community. We just gave away a 12” Time Timer to our 100th fan. They support each other and share ideas all the time. One lady wrote on our Wall that she loves using the Time Timer for her granddaughter’s achievement practice tests. A 5th grade teacher discussed “inventors and inventions” with her class after reading my mom’s story on her Facebook News Feed. It’s a neat way to be inspired!

I’m really proud of my mom. I see her perseverance with the whole process of the Time Timer and it’s just amazing. It’s been over 20 years in the making now and it just isn’t stopping! She has made so many great decisions and is doing such an amazing job as a female business owner. She is well respected and does such a great job balancing the choices she has to make and caring for her business partners and customers. I’m just honored she had that big of a heart to notice where her daughter was struggling and actually invent and patent and grow the Time Timer to help me and so many others! Anyone can benefit from the Time Timer!

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