Star Entrepreneur Cristy Clarke Can't Live Without Her Three Time Timers

Published July 13, 2010

Cristy Clarke founded a company that has risen to number 364 on the INC  500.  Clarke’s company, TableTopics, publishes sets of cards that help people start conversations.

In a recent column in INC, Cristy Clarke listed “four things I can’t live without.” Number 3 is her THREE Time Timers!  

Clarke explained: "I use the Time Timer to stop procrastinating when I have to do things I don't want to do. Last week, I had to start writing our employee handbook. I set one of my three Time Timers for 30 minutes and made myself work on it for that long."

Like Clarke, many others in the business world are discovering the Time Timer.  It is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool for Time Management in a wide range of businesses and industries.  And based on recent feedback, including Clarke’s, the Time Timer is unrivaled as a tool for avoiding procrastination!

See Cristy Clarke’s complete column.

Use the Time Timer to make every moment count in business.

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